metalogixI am not going to lie it has been awhile since I used this tool.  I was at a large telecom company and they were just starting to embrace the joys of SharePoint.  We had just recently had a server crash that was running WSS2.0, no one was maintaining it or doing backups it was ugly.  We lost a lot of sites but was able to recover around 350 from the random backup we found.  By the way this was one of those servers that sat under someones desks, not in the data center but just under the desk, it was a rogue server (YIKES!)

So we knew we needed to get what we could off that server and into the data center.  I went out and downloaded the trial version of Metalogix and it was AMAZING!  I mean even the trial was awesome!

Back then it used agents that had to be installed on both the target and the source servers to use the tool.  Today they do a hybrid approach based on the scenario of your environment or if migrating to O365.

For along time the migration to the cloud was a limitation for Metalogix.  It is nice to see the improvements!

Ok now onto the evaluation.

  • Long Term Use: This is really more for on premise use to take advantage of the long term features.
  • Pre-Migration Reports: Provides the usual options to ensure you have the most information you can to prepare for migration.
  • Reporting: Again, limitation for on premise use.
  • Limitations:
    • In order to take advantage of all the great tools that Metalogix provides it is really better suited for On-Premise installations.
    • Data limitations based on the license you purchase.  Additionally there are limitations to what can be moved based on the license as well.  I feel like in order to take advantage of everything you get stuck buying more than you want to get what you need.  Take a look at the pricing matrix and see for yourself.

I know i said i wasn’t going to evaluate based on price but I think it is important when it come to not being able to achieve a successful migration because the ability to move something is not included. Again just my opinion.

So if you are going to be doing an on premise migration Metalogix is the tool for you.  I am hoping with the merger between Metavis and Metalogix we will see some fantastic improvements in both.

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